Renewsys Deserv 100W Solar Panel




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The poly-crystalline cut cells are embedded between solar grade, low iron, tempered glass and a highly reliable Back sheet using high quality EVA – this ensures high degree of insulation and environmental isolation. The glass is inset deep in the frame, thereby ensuring maximum protection. The back of the module is sealed with a high-quality Back sheet. The junction box has no hollow cavities, is water tight and is resistant to temperature and UV radiation.

Key Features
• Wide range of power with high Watt density.
• By pass diodes to avoid the effect of partial shading.
• Anodized Aluminium alloy Frame and tempered glass or rugged protection in hostile environments.
• Manufactured in a state-of-the-art, automated production facility.

Quality & Safety
• IEC 61215, IEC 61730, IEC 61701 compliant.
• UL 1703 compliant.
• ISO: 9001-2008 Certified Manufacturing Facility.

Warranty (10 Years)
• Product Warranty – 10 Years.
• Power Warranty.
– 90% of minimum rated till end of first 2 years.
– 80% of minimum rated till end of next 10 years.

Electrical Characteristics
• Peak Power, Pmax (W p) – 100W.
• Open circuit voltage, Voe (V) – 21.92V.
• Short Circuit current, lsc (A) – 5.95V.
• Voltage at Maximum power, Vmp (V) – 17.92V
• Current a t Maximum power, Imp (A) – 5.59A.
• Module Efficiency (%) – 13.60%.

Mechanical Parameters
• Module dimension (nm) – 1116mm x 659mm x 34mm.
• Matrix (nm) – 9 x 4.
• Solar cell Type (nm) – Multi crystalline cells.
• Front Cover (nm) – 3.2mm Thick Low iron tempered glass.
• Frame Material (mm) – Silver Anodized Aluminium Alloy.
• Junction Box (nm) – 3 Rail.

DisclaimerPlease note that stock availability is subject to prior sales. Prices exclude delivery.<br />The image serves as an example of what the product looks like and may differ slightly in appearance.
Guarantee/ Warranty10 year power warranty (90% yield), 10 year product warranty, 5 year product warranty
Solar Module Watts100W
Module Voltage12VDC – 23VDC
Panel TypeRigid
Solar Cell TypePoly-Crystalline
Weight10.15 Kg
Product Dimensions116cm x 65.9cm x 3.5cm

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