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Hybrid Inverter Feature Comaprison & Selection Guide

Use this guide to assist you in choosing the right inverter for your solar requirements ~ now and future.

Not all inverters are the same, so please carefully compare the features of one inverter vs. the other.

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Inverter…Power O/P (kW)Typical Efficiency (via PV) %Typical Efficiency (via Batts) %Nominal VoltageCharge Current DC/ACOverload CapabilityAC InputsAll-in-OneGrid SupportEnhanced Grid SupportGrid Support Priority
Axpert 2.52.5938824/4850/302x (2sec)1***
Axpert 4.04938824/4825/302x (2sec)1***
Imeon 3/6395.5974825/252x (15sec)1***
Ingeteam 1Play 3395.58948-30050/131.8x (3sec)1***
Ingeteam 1Play 66968996-30050/261.4x (3sec)1***
Schneider Electric SW 2.52.591.59224max/10.62x (5sec)1
Schneider Electric SW 44929224max/10.62x (5sec)1
Schneider Electric XW+7.0795.89248max/602x (60sec)2***
Schneider Electric XW+8.58.595.89248max/602x (60sec)2***
SMA Sunny Island 3/404/03/201595.89348-63max/631.8x (3sec)2***
SMA Sunny Island 6/808/06/201595.89348-63max/1151.8x (3sec)2***
Inverter…PV Limit (W)Ease of InstallationINET MonitoringEase to Change ModeBattery ManagementAdvanced ProgrammingSell To GridTier-OneGuranteeCountry of Manufacture
Axpert 2.5600/ 900****Easy**2China
Axpert 4.03000****Easy**2China
Imeon 3/63150****Easy***5France
Ingeteam 1Play 36500***Easy***5Spain/ USA
Ingeteam 1Play 610 000***Easy***5Spain/ USA
Schneider Electric SW 2.5None***Moderate*****2France
Schneider Electric SW 4None***Moderate*****2France
Schneider Electric XW+7.0None*****Moderate****RTC*5France
Schneider Electric XW+8.5None*****Moderate****RTC*5France
SMA Sunny Island 3/4None****Moderate****RTC*5Germany
SMA Sunny Island 6/8None****Moderate****RTC*5Germany
Axpert 2.5**Easy**2China
Axpert 4.0**Easy**2China
Imeon 3/6****Easy***5France
Ingeteam 1Play 3*****Easy***5Spain/ USA
Ingeteam 1Play 6*****Easy***5Spain/ USA
Schneider Electric SW 2.5******Moderate*****2France
Schneider Electric SW 4******Moderate*****2France
Schneider Electric XW+7.0*******Moderate****RTC*5France
Schneider Electric XW+8.5*******Moderate****RTC*5France
SMA Sunny Island 3/4*******Moderate****RTC*5Germany
SMA Sunny Island 6/8*******Moderate****RTC*5Germany
Terms Used
  • All-in-One: The inverter has a built in Solar input. It does not require an external Charge Controller or Grid-Tie (GT) Inverter.
  • Grid Support: Ability of the inverter to send excess solar power to the load if the Batts are fully charged.
  • Enhanced Grid Support: Ability of the inverter to do Grid Support and blend a percentage of battery energy with the excess solar energy to the load, while completing a full charge cycle of the batts.
  • Priority Grid Support: Ability of the inverter to do Grid Support and blend a percentage of battery energy with the excess solar energy to the load without completing a full cycle. Also known a Self-Consumption Mode.
  • Peak / Load Shaving: The ability of the inverter to use battery power to supplement grid power when a peak is detected (with RTC).
  • Stackable: The ability to add additional Inverters in parallel to increase inverter output.  Note: The Stack Limits (max output).
  • Sell to Grid: Exports excess/available DC power to the grid (Nett-Metering).
  • 3-Phase: The ability of the inverter to be configured into a 3-Phase output (usually 1x inverter per phase   or   multi-inverters per phase).
  • AC-Couple: The inverter can work in an Off-Grid configuration with a GT inverter connected on the AC output to supply the load and batts (at 95% – 98% efficiency). Typically for Day-Time Loads.
  • RTC Programming: The inverter programming can be configured using the Real Time Clock (RTC). For Advanced Programming functions.
  • Load Control DB (iSense): The ability for the inverter to control contactors (iSense) on a DB Board. To disconnect non-priority loads on loss of AC in.
  • Gen Start: The inverter can send a signal to a 2-wire or a 3-wire standby generator to Start/Stop. For backup AC battery charging & load supply.
  • Home Automation Ready: The inverter has the ability to communicate on common Home Automation protocols. Can pass performance data and control.
  • Ext Relay: The inverter has external relays which can control various external devices (via programming configurations) e.g. ext. fans, load control, generator start/stop, etc.
  • Li-ion Ready: The inverter has the ability to interface to a Lithium Ion Battery type.
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