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Our History..
Exon Consulting was formed in 2008, with the amalgamation of two respected and successful solar companies: These two companies joined forces to form Exon Consulting, meaning an unparralleled service and level of expertise for our clients.

Exon Consulting has now joined and is a proud member of Solar CO Pty Ltd which is a group of sustainable product, service and technology companies.

High-Yielding, Leading-Edge Technology:
We are committed to selecting and using only the best solar technologies that can deliver continuous, long-lasting energy yields, maximizing the use of our natural energy resources and offering the highest returns.

Sustaining Life on Earth:
We recognises the importance of preserving our natural environment that sustains life on earth for all species.

“Changing the World… One Building at a Time!”
Exon Consulting offer various performance guarantees to their clients based on project size and performance expectation.

All Solar PV Panels have a minimum of a 25 year manufacturer performance guarantee.

All hardware such as inverters, charge controllers and the like have, a standard 5/10 year manufacturer guarantee. Extendable on request.

Exon Consulting offer a 2 year installation guarantee on all installation defects. Extendable on request.

Exon Consulting offer various other guarantees based on project size and expectation in the form of Maintenance and O&M Contracts.

Performance Guarantees..

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