Renewable solar energy is the future

Renewable solar energy is the future

Talking saving our planet or saving your money; the subject of solar power technology is bound to come up. Both commercial, as well as residential rooftop have many advantages. Photovoltaic technology should not be seen as a short-term solution, but as an investment that will pay off handsomely in a few years.

Global warming with rising temperatures, climate change and general environmental pollution threaten the survival of our entire planet.
Renewable technology has stamped its authority as one of the most important solutions. To this increasing crisis, the continuous use of depleting oil, gas and fossil fuel reserves has directly impacted on this disastrous phenomenon.

Government initiatives and on-going efforts increasing and cutting down consumption means that solar energy is evolving and becoming more and more commercially viable. Solar power installation is a great long-term investment that hardly requires maintenance that can generate pure, free, carbon-free and clean energy from the sun. It can provide you with on-going energy with production costs that remain constant for the entire calculated period.

Solar module efficiencies are increasing and prices have dropped by 60 percent in the last three years. Lithium ion phosphate battery prices are also falling. Solar power without storage is no solar. Excess power can be stored in batteries and used when required.
Nersa’s call on a 19.9 percent increase and an overall municipal tariff of +- 30 percent is on the cards.


Cutting down on consumption, energy efficient appliances and homes and resorting to alternate and sustainable means of generating power will be challenges facing the future. Department institutions Eskom, Nersa and CEF are dragging their feet drafting policies, legislations and regulations that will allow a grid the system that can feed excess power back to the utility grid.

The past few years have seen government initiatives on renewable energy producing procurement programmes tenders for solar farms that are built, commissioned, generating and feeding the national grid. Majority of the tenders were given to overseas companies. South Africa stands fifth in its renewable energy independent power producing procurement programme globally.

If recent events have taught us anything about government, it’s that things can change in a heartbeat. As energy demands skyrocket, renewable resources vanish. Investing in the latest state-of-the-art, ground breaking technology using power electronics, wireless analysis, monitoring and management systems means that you will be shielded from the inevitable price hikes of the future.

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