Electricity Monitoring Advantages

Electricity Monitoring Advantages

Currently a lot of homeowners are experiencing issues with City Power Billing.

The suggested process which we recommend and which has worked for virtually all of our other long term clients works as follows.

We require monitoring for a minimum period of 1 month (and recommend it for a further 2-3 months). This will then provide us with sufficient evidence required for COJ. Once we have that evidence we are then in a situation to begin a case with COJ to begin requesting a rebate based on viable evidence we can then present to them. Furthermore this will allow us to look at optimizing energy usage to,  firstly ensure the most optimal energy demand is being used at the most efficient time (based on peak/off peak) rates and secondly ensure the correct rate is being billed during the correct period.

As mentioned the long term benefit of your energy monitoring  will also protect you from any unexpected bills as you will then be aware of this information on a daily basis and be able to budget accordingly and plan your usage before your bill is received.

Either of our listed solutions allows you to monitor either your business or home accordingly.

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Posted by Lance Jewwell

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